Request for Help: Videos needed from regionals

D5 Robotics has a request of the FIRST community: we would like to have some volunteers who are going to the regionals and will have access to videos. If you are going to do this, please contact me at We need videos of every match, as well as speeches and other interesting events. We’re working on something that will be most awsome, but for now, a big secret.
Again, if you are going to a regional and plan on taking videos or will have access to videos, please contact me at and I will inform you of your mission by Thursday.

TBA TV may contain videos from regionals, but it’s not entirely what we’re looking for. While the site contains many videos from regionals, we need more that. We need people at the regionals to record the matches, and beyond that, the speeches and other special events there. We’ll even take videos of work in the pits, early season teasers, and pre-season activities. Finally , we’re looking for actual people to do this, not something that already exists.