Request for past CADathon Rule Manuals

My team is planning on using the lack of in-person meetings this fall to work on our CAD skills. I’ve been looking around to find old CADathon rule manuals for us to use as practice and have only found a few, if anyone who has access to some old ones that you’d be allowed to share could comment them that would be great. Hopefully this is helpful to other teams who are in the same predicament.

F4 2020 Spring CADathon
InsipireNC 2020 Infinite Offseason

*FTC CADathons also welcome


Here are game manuals and field CADs from some of the previous F4 CADathons.

F4 8th CADathon game manual-
field cad -

F4 7th CADathon -
field cad -

F4 6th CADathon -
field cad -

F4 5th CADathon -
field cad -

F4 4th CADathon - CADathon 4 Manual - Google Docs
field cad - GrabCAD


Thanks so much!


second: F4 - 2nd Bi-Annual CADathon
Third: F4 - 3rd Bi-Annual CADathon


Great idea! We keep our CAD competitions are pretty realistic so they should definitely help you guys practice this offseason.

All InspireNC CAD Challenge Manuals and other Resources can be found on the InspireNC website here:

EDIT: We also had a couple of team updates for the manuals to correct some errors, those are also found on the website.

Here are a couple of direct links:
Green Generation

Infinite Offseason

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