Request for Regional Chairman's Award Winners' Information

Team 16 would like to have a “Future Hall of Fame” display in our HOF booth this year. If your team won a 2008 Regional Chairman’s Award, would you please submit something to us to represent your team? It can be your choice - as much or as little as you like, your entire Chairman’s submission, but we would at least like a team picture and some specifics about your team. We will be using a touch screen monitor to access the information. You can send the information to [email protected]

PM me if you have questions.

Team 1429 will gladly be apart of your display. I have sent the info to the website. Can’t wait to get there and see all of the presentors.:smiley:

I’ll get in touch with our Chairman’s people and get them to send you a copy of our submission. Would you like anything else?

Hawaiian Kids 359, :smiley:

The choice of what to include is up to you. Thanks for whatever you decide to send:)

I posted a note on our forum, so hopefully someone from The Green Machine Team 1816 will be getting you information soon (though the kids are on spring break this week).

Information is partially on website.
ill see what else i can do.

Thanks to all the teams who have responded so far. We still have a long way to go. We can retrieve team information on our own, but we would rather include what is preferable to each team. I know some of you are on Spring Break…sorry to be “talking to myself” on here…just want everyone to know what we are doing.

Here’s a link to our website about Chairman’s. You can either use the text version there or download a PDF that is on the site.

I can’t find it on the site right now, but I know we have downloaded the video of the presentation of the award. Do you want me to send you a link to that as well?

I’m from MARS 1523, winners of the FL Regional Chairman’s 2008. We would be honored to be a part of your future Hall of Fame Display. I have sent you a powerpoint we showed the judges as well as our essay. We are also putting Chairman’s info on our website, one of the top 15 most visited FIRST websites with an extensive photo gallery. Feel free to use any of the excellent pictures we have displayed on our frequently visited website.

Please send the video link if it can be directly downloaded. I should have set up an FTP site, but we didn’t think of all this in time:eek: …Something to add next year.


I’ve notified our Chairmans Committee (which is like our whole team) on our forum and they will get you the information as soon as possible. This is a great idea and something to consider and continue for years to come. Thanks

Here’s the link to download the .wmv of our chairman’s presentation (courtesy of SOAP): video

Info sent, good luck with your HOF display & information. Hopefully you will be able to gather info on all 2008 CA teams.

The team #1860 (Cephatron) will be so proud to colaborate.
I’ll try to get some pictures on the next week, texts and videos, and will send to you!

An email from team 399 has been sent!

Good luck with your display and look forward to seeing you in atlanta!

Team 226 will get you some information very soon :slight_smile: What sort of setup are you looking at, would you like the essay submission, or prefer something more visual?

Thanks for doing this!

We will use whatever you send. The essay is great, but pictures are going to be easier for people to look at in a hurry. If you have videos, send me links to downloadable ones or bring them by our booth and we will load them on site. We are going to have a computer with a 200GB drive dedicated to this so we can accommodate lots of content.

692 has sent our essay to you!!!:slight_smile:

Rosie’s submission is on it’s way to you…along with a pic and the presentation speech that Woodie read.