Request for the Everybot Team

I want to start this off by thanking the Everybot team for all of their efforts over the last few years. It’s easily one of the most valuable community resources out there, and I’ve regularly seen 2-3 Everybot clones at all the events I’ve attended since the program’s inception.

My request for the team is to deemphasize the strict cost limitations, and prioritize functionality and reliability over cost savings. I would guess that having a strict $1,000 limit dramatically increases the design challenge, and forces cost driven design tradeoffs that negatively impact robot performance/reliability.

Keeping the Everybot affordable and accessable is a core function of the program, but I think that can be achieved with a soft $1,500 limit instead of a hard $1,000 limit.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the team comes up with this season!


Hey Ryan,

You are spot on with the cost limitations negatively impacting functionality and reliability. We had a long discussion about ways to improve the program over the last year and came to the same conclusion that we will be lifting the hard $1,000 limit. Our goal is to still be around $1,500 but if a more expensive part makes the robot easier to build we will choose that option, we’re going to prioritize reliability and ease of assembly over price. We do our best to balance cost with functionality to keep our program as accessible as possible.

Other changes we’re making:

  1. We have some rockstar FiM volunteers coming to help us with documentation. This allows us to focus on the build and will likely get a clear and concise set of instructions out sooner.
  2. I will be going on FIRST Canada LIVE! twice, once on January 10th to discuss our strategy and possible prototypes. Like last season, the team will be unveiling the Robonauts Everybot on FIRST Canada LIVE! on January 17th.
  3. We’re hoping to make a more robust FAQ and improve the usefulness of the Everybot Discord.

We’re excited for Charged Up and can’t wait to share Everybot with y’all!


I figured inflation as much as anything would drive a price increase. Glad to hear.


As per The Bureau of Labor Statistics, $1000 in January 2018 (first year of Everybot) has the same purchasing value as $1200 today. Following the economy, prices for nearly all FRC components have increased since Jan 2018, making the original $1000 target less achievable of a goal (at least not without encountering the issues stated above).


I also see the tremendous value this work brings to the community.

Another word of caution though, be careful how easy you make things look in the release video. At least the teams at events we competed in seemed to drastically under estimate the difficulty of using the nifty climber. Lots of stuck robots.


Yes, and I always remind my team when we look at the everybot, to look at it critically. It’s a great place to get ideas and inspiration, but also is designed quickly, and should always be studied for weaknesses and ways to improve, and that you really need to study the designs and understand how and why they work. The climbers I personally saw that didn’t work well, the teams had not taken the time to study and understand how it was supposed to work, so they missed key factors. I’m super great full for the resource everybot offers!


Not an everybot team, but I have recommended to teams we have mentored.

What is the viability for releasing the chassis dimensions of the kitbot early?
And what could that timeline look like?

If they could get a start on the kitbot chassis early in the right size, theoretically, teams would potentially be up and running faster and get more stick time before events.


Yes. Please. Releasing the chassis dimensions as soon as the Everybot team has committed to one would be helpful. We are hoping to start chassis assembly after a week of game analysis and brainstorming. We might be an Everybot team if the concepts we come up with are not as good.


We will be releasing the chassis size as early as possible. Hopefully this will be around the middle to end of week 1. We want to give teams the chassis size as early as possible while having the design far enough along that there is no chance we will have to change it.


YEAH! We could love to get the Chassis dimensions soonest! We built the everybot last year and one of the hardest things was waiting for the design reveal! If we can start with the basics, it helps! Thanks for all you do. Our 2022 robot was the best we have created so far! FRC 7235 Red Lake Ogichidaag


Thanks, Ryan. That extra week is a significant fraction of the build season and can mean a younger team has a better chance of getting finished and maybe even getting in some practice.

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I wish to echo the comments here. First, again, Thank you! for the Everybot. We were a Rookie team last year and we did the Everybot then and we are doing it again. Yes, it is one of the most valuable community resource we have because it is a solution - maybe THE solution for Rookie teams. Second, thank you for releasing the chassis size early. It would make a huge difference to us. Thank you! And yes, reliability is the big one for us also. My view is that (as a Rookie team) I simply wish for the kids to have something that they can PLAY with all season, have fun and have a good experience for the whole season. I am not aiming to win the event (though I do not tell the kids that). Thanks again Everybot team!


We were talking a lot about that last year. We also discussed solutions the everybot could use to help with this issue.

The best solution we could think of (because diver ability varies so much between teams, and even years on a team) was to video a driver that can show off everything it’s capable of, then let some middle schoolers have a go at it. Or maybe someone who’s never really driven a robot before. That should give rookie teams a good idea of what type of practice a new driver might need.

You can video the experienced driver giving instructions to the inexperienced one and show how easy it is to master some things, but if you want the peak performance of what the bot is actually capable of, this is what you will need to practice.

I think it could help teams decide what to focus on building from the everybot as well. (Like many might have forgone building the climber to get in a little extra driver practice if they knew it was that hard to master)


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