REQUEST: I want your scouting info

Hey there, so basically like the title states, I’m looking for scouting info from any/all of the events so far.

Ideally one of two things happens:

  1. You give me access to your information, I’ll put it into my database myself
  2. You volunteer to enter your information into my database

My reasoning for wanting to do this:
I built a scouting platform that includes a way to “make up” your own alliances and have them play a match against each other. Based on the scouting information that’s been input, it creates scores and awards a victor. However, the same alliance will not always generate the same score!

So please let me know if I can have your data, or if you’d do me a giant favor by putting in your event’s information!

If you want to put your information in for me, you can do so here:

Thank you! :smiley:

Talk to 1114 and (correction) 2834, they collect world competition data and compile it into a huge spread sheet every year. You may want to work with them in collecting data.

I think you are thinking of Ed Law and 2834. According to his CD profile he is not active with a team this year, although he is still active with CD. Not sure what that means for his scouting database.

Since his retirement, a new mentor has taken the responsibility this year. His continuation is here:

That’s great news, and I learned a little bit about EPR along the way.