Request: Navigating-away warning when composing a post?

So I’ve now lost the caption contest results, a victim of accidentally hitting the back button or some other silly mistake. If it were a Ken Leung-grade post, I’d probably lose my mind. (Instead, I’m merely gritting my teeth and reopening my tabs.)

When I write a post on Blogger and do something like that, a Javascript alert pops up asking if I actually mean to navigate away. That’s enough to save my posts on many an occasion. Would it be possible to have something like that pop up if you attempt to navigate away when attempting to make a post on CD?

Great idea! … Would this be possible on fast replies as well?

I would add that if this is implemented to please have a feature to turn it off, I can think of many websites that do the same thing and I find it very annoying.

I agree, I back out of a lot of my posts (probably more than half of them) because they are very irrelevent and if I had to reconsider it, I would probably be tempted to actually post them. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it is a very good idea!

Maybe configure this alert so that it only comes up if there’s text in your post box? That way those who don’t want it could just delete their text before navigating elsewhere?

Blogger does this as well–why didn’t I remember that?

A good idea – it’d definitely be configurable. Newer versions of Safari do this by default, I believe, and it drives me nuts (when I have to use Safari).

It’s on my ‘one day’ list.

After just conducting a few tests with Firefox while composing this message, Firefox will remember what you typed into text boxes if you accidentally hit ‘back’ or if you close a tab. To solve the first, just hit ‘forward’, and to solve the latter just go to History > Recently Closed Tabs > and choose the page. When it loads, it will put everything you typed in back into the text boxes.

I know Safari will remember the text in text boxes if you hit back and then forward again, but the ability to re-open closed tabs is still lacking.

Yep. I have never had any problems leaving a page because firefox would save it and so nothing would be lost.