Request - Old Swerve Modules

Hello from team 8622! My team (2021/22 rookies) is looking for old or excess swerve modules to screw around with during the pre-season. Obviously, the best-case scenario would be to be able to purchase our own set. Still, we’re not sure if we’ll have the funding to do so or if we’re ready to implement the technology on a full scale, but our students are super excited at the prospect of challenging ourselves with swerve.

So, if any teams out there have old modules or any pieces that you’d like to donate, we would so so appreciate it!

We’re a Chesapeake-based team, DM me if you’d be willing to help out (any experience/advice is appreciated)

We saw a old set of swerve and steers on ebay early last season for pretty cheap. Maybe look around there.

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But also don’t spend your budget too much on technology that you won’t end up using. Sometimes better to just work on fundraising and wait until you can get what you’ll use for competition.


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