Request: Programming Help at Portland Regional (Team #1843)

Hey is there anyone out there who is attending the Portland regional that would be willing to help out Team 1843 when we get there? We are having some issues with the atonymous code, and need someone that already has one to help us. If you could then please either contact us there or PM me and tell me your contact info.


Team 1571 will extend a hand if we aren’t struggling to much ourselves. :slight_smile:
My name is Scott and I’m the head programmer. We’ll probably run into each other at competition. I’d like to help you right now but we’re too busy…sorry. :frowning:
If you just have a question PM me.
Good Luck!

Look for team 360. I’m the programming staff. Our robot has several autonomous routines, and I’m competent at coding them. If we finish all of our routines before shipping, I’d be glad to help you when we arrive, as I’ll have nothing to do.

So again, look for team 360 and say you want to talk to John. Good luck until then :wink:

If you would like help right now, contact me through email and we can start working on it now.

I will also be at the regional. I’m the software mentor with team 957. Our programmer does not need much help so I have extra time.

This is the best post of all, for me – I’m volunteering two of our staff to help if you need it. Charles is our Programming Master and John (robotaddict) is his Padawan learner. At least one of them could help you on Thursday – as soon as Top Gun is working, that is. :slight_smile: My role on the team is to sit on a folding chair and say encouraging things…

Good luck!

Team 955 will be willing to help as well (though it seems like you’ve got enough help already). You can contact me at [email protected].

I’m with team 955, from Corvallis OR. We will be at the Portland Regional and can probably help you out. Our programmers are pretty effecient and all that good stuff, so we’ll see you there.

Any of you guys who replied… We wouldn’t mind if you could stop by or we could come to you.