REQUEST - Questions for Chairman's Award Panelists - FIRST Robotics Conference

Hi all.

One of the sessions at the FIRST Robotics Conference includes a panel of representatives from the past five teams who have won the Championship Chairman’s Award (Team 103 - Cybersonics, Team 254 - Cheesy Poofs, Team 67 - HOT, Team 111 - WildStang, Team 365 - MOE).

The session title is “Preparing Your Chairmans Award - Almost as Fun as Building a Robot!” It will include information about how to start, the submission process, and the presentation process. The bulk of the presentation will be the HOF team panelists answering questions and sharing their experiences.

The session is from 1:00-1:45pm on Thursday. This should be a very unique event - please plan to attend if interested. [you might even have a better chance of winning a prize at our MOE Hall of Fame Display if you attend this session - hint.hint. :smiley: ]

I would like to solicit questions from the CD community to ask our panelists. Would you please either post your question to the panel on this thread or send it to me via e-mail ([email protected]).

The point is not to respond to or answer the questions on this thread, just to post questions which may be selected for our panelists.

Thanks. For those coming to the Big Show next week, see you there!

Team 1429 will be there. Thanks for doing this. As this is our first time to the Championships, we are still trying to learn all about what is going on. Where exactly will the conference take place? Is there an agenda, or is it more or less a question and answer type of thing? Can’t wait to get there.


Great to have your team attend your first Championship. If your team members would like to attend any FIRST Robotics Conference sessions, which will occur on Wednesday and Thursday during the Championship, you must purchase separate passes. FIRST sent out a note a few weeks ago to all team contacts indicating how you purchase these. Information is also available on the FIRST website. Go to the Championship Event and the FIRST Robotics Conference. Sessions will be held in the Georgia World Congress Center in rooms close to the pit area.

There is much going on at the Championship and it could get a bit confusing. Some advice is to know where your team members need to be and when, use cell phones to communicate back and forth between the pits and the competition fields, and give yourself plenty of time to get from one location to another.

It is quite a spectacular event. You will be awed.

Thanks for the clarification. I now have our tickets, so our presentors will see you next Thursday. :slight_smile:

I feel that as the years go by, and each team progresses, it will become increasingly more difficult to win the Chairman’s Award. So any insight that we (and others) can pick up from the past winners will be very beneficial.

Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity to learn from the best.

Thanks, Paul. See you next Thursday!

If you have any specific questions you would like to address to our panelists, please let me know.

Safe travels!