Request/Suggestion: Customizable Portal

Hey Brandon, know what’d be wicked-cool? If users could customize what forums’ new posts appeared in their portal page through the Control Panel. That way one could tune out the psychobabble going on in Website/Design Showcase, but never miss a question in FIRST Jeopardy, for example. I don’t know if that would be easy to do, but if so, it’d be a great improvement. Since some of us already have different portals based on user permissions, I was wondering if we could make it user-customizable. Just a thought…

That is possible, with a little work. I’ll add it to my todo list. :slight_smile: It will also let people add the Chit-Chat back onto the portal, for those who want it to show up.

Good idea, I’d really like to be able to weed out some of the forums and get to the one’s I really participate in.

I like that Idea. I use the New Posts link a lot. But I only really need it for FVG, FIRSTwiki, openFIRST, and Chit-Chat. (yes, useful stuff comes up there.)

For now, you can always subscribe to those forums and use you Control Panel to see when new posts are showing up.

To subscribe to a forum:
Go into the forum
Click “Forum Tools”
Click “Subscribe to Forum”

To check your subscribed forums:
Click on “Used CP” (up top)
Look at “Subscribed Forums”
This will show the last post in the forum, so you can see if you’ve missed anything!