Request/Suggestion: New Buddy Messages

Okay, so I’m probably getting to be a nuisance by this time with forum suggestions, especially since that last one made Brandon work, but I’ll throw this idea out and see what people think. I was looking at the Buddy List in my control panel, and just realized how utterly useless it is. Perhaps if a ‘Recent Posts’ page of buddies were made, it would be a more useful tool. I’m not sure if I, or others would use it, but that way I could conceivably see what garbage my team has been posting and watch over them like the controlling person I am.

Interesting … tomorrow I’ll research how hard this would be…

Hey if you do get this option can you think about the people on the other end, and have the user being watched beable to block the person from directly monitoring every post they make, i kinda think if they just want to see what the persons posting they could go to the users profile and click see all posts from this user. Or atleast the option for the user being watched to know whos watching them. I guess its just i dont like the whole big brother aspect of alot of things these days.

Dont make Brandon work too hard now. He already does very much for all of us. I even got him to help me a few minutes on an idea/problem with my server. Seems like a cool guy even though I’ve never met him. Also he’s busy with writing code for Listen-To. how’s that going by the way Brandon?

I guess I am the only one person who really uses the buddy list. Yes, I actually use the buddy list, because I send out tons of Private messages etc, and in groups too, so it’s a very useful tool for me.

I think this is an interesting idea, let’s see what Brandon says - The busy God of ChiefDelphi.:stuck_out_tongue:

I see what you mean. All you can do in a buddy list is PM and look at profiles. (What makes it really handy though is quick links > Open Buddy List at the top)

The feature I’d like to see is folders/groups. In my case: FIRSTwiki, FVG, openFIRST, misc. Maybe this can be integrated with the regular groups?