Request/Suggestion/Wish for Thread View

In thread view:
I click on a message in the navigation window.
The new message is displayed.
The navigation window is redisplayed with the selected message at the BOTTOM of the window.
This means that I have to scroll the list in the nav window before I can see if there are any later messages that I may want to view. Would it be possible to make the current message appear at the TOP of the window instead of at the bottom?

That’s weird. It seems to be IE-only, and pretty inconsistent to me, at first glance.

I’ll have to look at how they do that and see what I can do about it.

someone reply to this tomorrow, so i remember to look.

Reply, reply, reply -

as requested…

Nor do I understand what he is looking at to try to duplicate. :-/


Another little thing, which, if you decide to grant my wish, you may be able to fix at the same time:

(Still in thread view) When I click on a “Go to first new post” or “Go to last post” icon from a forum or the portal, the nav window always displays the first seven or so messages, so that the highlighted message is not visible in the nav window unless it happens to be in the first seven messages in the thread. It seems to me that the highlighted line should be scrolled to the top of the window.

BTW, this same behavior is exibited when I click on a “More Replies below current depth…” link in the nav window.