Request to all "lifers"...

I am working on a project, and I am looking for any pictures that anyone might have of the following(I’m trying to look through the pictures here as well, but there are a LOT…)

  • IRI 2002
  • OCCRA 2000 Championship
  • Kettering Kickoff 2001-2003
  • Sweet Repeat 2001-2003

Please e-mail anything you have to me at the address in my signature. Thanks in advance!


There is at least one picture from the 2002 IRI in Kan Patton’s and Paul Copioli’s presentation on drivetrain design.

Checkout We have a long list of pics there sorted by year, competition event.

The TechnoKats have a good historical part to their site, and probably have much more that’s not online.

Many of our archived photos are indeed not presently online. We’re still trying to recover from having switched to Google Sites from our previous failing web server, and we don’t yet have a designated webmaster with enough time to spend on it.

Very cool Al - I missed that on your website

If you look here you can see the SPAM lexan ramp under your robot. Still trying to get that video posted.

There’s no rush Gary. After 8 years, that match still hurts :frowning:

Curious, what’s the story of that match?

If I had to guess, 180 (SPAM) was under Wildstang (111), preventing the home-zone bonus, which was given for touching the carpet in the home zone.

I’d also guess an elimination match, which 180 won due to that move.

This is, however, just based on what I know of Zone Zeal and the picture. I’ll leave it to the parties involved to confirm or deny.

SPAM had built a deployable ramp (when “wedges” were legal) on Friday of the championship and mounted it Saturday morning, specifically to counter Beatty’s fabulous robot from that year. The idea was that we would wedge under them to remove their traction so we could push them back. I think the match with Wildstang was the division finals, and it’s the only time we ever used the ramp. It worked just as it was supposed to - we pushed Wildstang out of their home zone. When we went up against Beatty in the championship finals we didn’t get a chance to use it since they got damaged in match 2, but we should have used against RAGE in the last match - just a matter of not having practiced with it so it wasn’t part of our normal strategy.

And yet we are still friends…

I’m reasonably sure that Wildstang is over that match, based on their performance on the field every year since then.