Request to have Off-Season Events on a Calendar

Off-season events are a fantastic place for teams to grow, for new drivers to practice, and for teams to experiment. Keeping up on which events are available and are in your area can be tough, especially for an inexperienced team who has not attended many off-season events.

Maybe I’m missing something, but there doesn’t seem to be one place to keep track of all these except the off-season events forum, but a lot of events end up in general forum. It would be really awesome if teams that are running events could get in the practice of posting the events on the calendars especially since they put in all the work of running an event and making a flyer anyway. Getting it onto a calendar is an easy part and could mean a few more teams attending your event.

Chiefdelphi has a calendar that you can access here and add your events to.
And FIRST has a calendar as well where you can post about your event. Here are the instructions from the FIRST website.

Off Season Event Calendar
For a list of upcoming Off Season Events, see the FRC Season Calendar.

To request your event be listed on the calendar, send an email with the following information to [email protected]:

Name of Event
Contact Name
Contact Email or Phone (please note that this information will be shared on the calendar)
Website (if applicable)
Where you are getting a field for your event (District, AndyMark, FRC, etc.)

Both should be of great use (though the FIRST calendar doesn’t seem to be too updated yet.)

Also, TBA relies on event organizers to submit their own events (and post results).

To add events, go to /suggest/offseason and fill in your information. To add data to an existing event, go to /eventwizard. For more info and to get write keys, see /add-data.

There are ways to avoid much of that:

  1. If using the official FMS, submit your event to FIRST and get them to enable the FMS to post data to FIRST.
  2. Submit your offseason event to TBA with the FIRST event ID (if official FMS).
  3. If using Cheezy Arena, request an API key for your event from TBA, and configure CA to use it.
  4. Connect FMS/CA to the internet at your event
  5. TBA will bring in your event data automatically.
  • Awards are funny in the offseason I think. Make sure you keep a list of your award recipients if they don’t appear on TBA automatically.