Request to Resolve Errors

I realize this is at the last minute, but could I get some help resolving errors?

On our dashboard, we are getting errors every once in a while, including and the one where it says the loop that has robot drive is running too slow. (sorry, but i don’t have the robot here to get the actual error codes)

Could someone look at our code to see what is going on? Both of our programmers can’t figure it out.

The full code can be found here.

Thank you very much!

Uh if everything is running alright I’d say leave it as is I don’t have time to quite go over EVERYTHING as you have a lot of globals and stuff like that but from what I saw it looks good. If you get CAN errors the CAN_Jaguar System is trying to run for some reason and if you don’t use CAN its not a problem. If you absolutely need to fix those problems have your advisor call Hadi Or Travis to see if you can get into contact with me.