Requesting help near Palm springs California

This is a long shot but I am going to give it a try.
Four different teams from Northern Minnesota have been invited out to the national AISES ( American Indian science and engineering society ) conference in Palm springs October 4th through the 9th.

Will be attending the conference sessions and talking to people about high school robotics. Our major sponsor is Apple computer. They will have a booth at the conference that we will be setting up in and doing demonstrations all day Friday at their college and career fair.

We will be flying out and FedExing our robots out to California.
We are looking for any team that is willing to loan us a hub structure and or a climbing apparatus. Certainly can be homemade. It would provide for a better demonstration area for us. We would be willing to try to compensate the best we can.

Palm Springs… Not many teams in that area that I’m aware of (though @rsisk may have a better idea on that?) And I know that at least one hub and climbing setup will be occupied that weekend so turnaround may be tight.

I’ll ask around a bit. Also paging @saikiranra and @Joy4201 in case they know of anybody closer.

I’m afraid the closest team in my network is still 1 hour and 45 minute drive away from Palm Springs. If you’re willing to go that far we might be able to arrange something.

Pinging @Aaron691. My network is very focused on the 4201’s area, but Aaron has a slightly wider network. backs this up. Just a handful of teams about one hour away. Many teams about 2 hours away from Palm Springs. No local teams that could disassemble their practice hub or hangar and haul it across town.

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I’ve asked my team if ours is available (just in case). IIRC yours is tied up that weekend.

While our team is available, our field isn’t one that can be disassembled and reassembled easily and we’ll need it later that week in full functionality for an event we’re hosting.

You could consider building an upper hub really quickly: Cheap and Easy Upper Hub - Practice Field Element

Paging @jetengr who is a ways away, but might have elements you could transport.

There are a handful of teams in Riverside/San Bernardino, but you’re still looking at an hour+ away. I’m not sure if any have elements, either. I’d ping Rick, the King of Riverside (and sometimes the duke of Colorado), but he’s already been pinged.

I agree, though, with the plan of constricting a minimalist goal out of wood or PVC you can buy at Home Depot locally.

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