Requesting Parts from Igus

Has anyone requested parts from Igus? How long did it take them to get in touch with you? I haven’t heard back from them yet, and Im starting to think we might as well order the parts we need from Igus.

I couldn’t give you any dates but It wasn’t more than 2 weeks for us.

2587 AfroBots requested parts, but no word on when they will arrive. Does Igus contact you after you place an order ?

LOL. Believe it or not, I put in a request for a quote online and they sent me 8 of the pieces as a sample I was asking about within a week. As for a real order, I imagine its probably about the same time.

IGUS is in Rhode Island so the closer you are to RI the sooner you’ll get them too unless you pay for next day delivery like UPS red. I don’t know of them having warehouses in other areas.

If you call them on the phone or email them ask them how long before shipment.