requesting professional development points?

Just wondering if anyone has had luck requesting professional development points for courses in the Labview from there school supervisor. I would love to take the courses for the Labview that NI has on there site, but would like to get credit for doing so. Does any one know if you get some sort of competition certificate or something to prove you did the course? Where a new team and have no idea how to program this thing.

I’m assuming you mean you are a teacher and are looking for something along the lines of “Continuing Education” credit, I guess every system has their own term for it and requirements. If you attend a LabVIEW training course, you will definitely receive a completion certificate to show that you’ve taken the course. The training materials provided on the website are self-paced materials, you will NOT receive any kind of completion certificate for those. There are a number of certification tests you can take to prove proficiency, and some are proctored at various training facilities across the country; a proctored certification test, upon passing, will issue a certificate of completion and this also doubles as your certification in that area. The Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) test is the only certification you can get that only covers LabVIEW (the others include accompanying tools such as TestStand and others) and if you pass it will generally issue a certification certificate within 3 days.

The important thing would be to discuss this with your school administration and frame it as taking a programming language course. A teacher at the school I mentor with was able to receive some Continuing Education credits for taking a similar course that involved LabVIEW, but he had to do something special because it wasn’t being taught by an accredited college/university.

Good Luck.