Requesting T-shirts From Teams All Around

Dear Teams,

Hello my name is Kelly Morris; Secretary of the Carl Hayden Community High School Falcon Robotics Team 842. I am writing to you to ask for a medium size t-shirt that we can add to our ever growing quilt that will be viewed by hundreds of teams at the Arizona FIRST Regional and Nationals. You can contact me at, our schools address is 3333 West Roosevelt Phoenix, Arizona 85009. Thank You for your help.


Kelly Michelle Morris

Secretary of Falcon Robotics Team 842:)

I’ve got one of our shirts from last season (that I truly don’t need or can’t fit) that I’ll be able to send you. Soon as I can send it, I will. Only requirement is that you send me a picture/video of the finished product! :smiley:

We’d be honored to have a MOE shirt included in your team’s quilt. I met some of your team mates a few years ago at the Championship in Atlanta. It was a highlight for me…good luck and ditto to a photo when you’re done.

this is an amazing idea.
but two things
First can you take a button down shirt…
Second how long do we have too send it in to you…

I’m wondering, is this the same quilt that was in your pit in Atlanta last spring?
It is awesome. If it is, I wonder if you have a photo of it that you could post?

so do you use just the shirt front or front and back or sleeves or what ?

I’ll send you one.

If I may, Ed, I’m working on one right now made of all of the LASA tee shirts that our teacher has collected over the years.

I look at both sides of the shirt at the information and logo.
Example: if the shirt has one logo on the front, I’ll try to capture that in a standard size template. If the back has something I want to capture, I’ll do the same thing and get 2 blocks out of one tee. I’m typically getting one block per tee.

Make sense?

Does it matter if it’s an older shirt (like our 2006 or 2007 design- I’m not going to get the 2008 shirt until maybe February)?

I think I got it Jane. If it is a single block then that will work. We have had the same front and sleeves for several years. The back has kept changing and after much debate we have finally settled on a long term design where the back doesn’t change.

We have shirts from prior years available but just don’t want to use the back.

Sorry about the delay in sending you my shirt. It got lost, but I recently found it. Should be sending it before year’s end. Looking forward to the outcome!

No Problem I will send the picture when it is all done. Thank you for the Help.


For the quilt we use the Shirts front and back separating it through out the quilt, so the front would might be in a corner or something like and the back would be somewhere else.

It is no problem thank you for all the help.

We can work with a button up shirt, I will personally work with it to make sure that it comes out right.