Requesting Woodie Flowers Award Nominations

FRC is becoming more open-sourced with each passing year. Teams share CAD, code, and chairman’s essays.

EWCP would like to have a repository of WFFA nominations (winning or not) as a section of our website. However to do this, we’ll need to collect the essays.

If you have a Woodie Flowers Award nomination essay that your team is willing to share (winning or not), please upload it to this form.

If your team has a large number of essays they are willing to share, feel free to DM me for my email address.

Nominating your mentor for the Woodie Flowers award is an excellent way to say thank you and creating a single source of essays will help students in writing their own award submissions.

Thank You


And like, act as a place to read about some mfd mentors.


@Katie_UPS Thank you for putting this resource together; this is an excellent idea.

I’ve added the WFA 2019 nomination for me, and I found the first nomination students wrote for me on Spectrum in 2012. I’m looking for the essay from 2014 when I received the WFFA, but I can’t find it. I’m sure a Spectrum alum has a copy somewhere.

I’ve also submitted our students’ 2020 WFFA nomination essay for Suanne Bouvier, one of the other mentors on our team.

I hope more teams submit the essays that their students produce to this collection. Now that I’m a judge for the award, I am honored to have the opportunity to read so many of these nominations. The stories are all genuinely inspirational, and I’d love for more members of the FIRST community to get a glimpse of the fantastic work that mentors around FIRST are doing.


Great project!
I uploaded my 2019 nomination from 1369 Minotaur, WFFA, South Florida. I also uploaded 2016 nomination also from Minotaur.

I hope others contribute to this project as it will be good resource for all students and mentors.


How everything looks may change as we progress, but essays are live at EWCP - Woodie Flowers Essays


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