Required Viewing for the Game Design Committee

Japanese Rube Goldberg Competition (Kudos to ars for bringing this jewel to my attention)

Hmm…Jess Boucher does recommend taking a one-year hiatus from FIRST in college… :wink:

I’ve always wanted to build one of those things. Maybe at some point I’ll have the space, money, time, and desire to do so.

Too bad I can’t watch this youtube movie in school. (not allowed to go on youtube). What is it about?
A game?

Thank You,
Tomasz Bania

Mouse Trap … on a massive scale.

There was a great video I saw in 8th grade called the way things work. That was the english translation. I think it was german, anyway, it was half an hour of energy transformations complete with fire, acid, swinging garbage bags, etc etc. It was super cool. I’ll try to find it.

Thanks. I actually just finished watching it at home. It’s Great!

Tomasz Bania