Requires() in the Command-Based Framework

Does the Requires() function in the command class preclude any other command that also uses parts of the subsystem? Can anybody explain how this works better? The workshop videos and the comments in the headers are too vague to understand the control system, imo.

EDIT:: Given that I have commands that are manipulating multiple parts of a subsystem, do any of them need to Require() the subsystem? Or, should I be refactoring things to be smaller so that I can still Require but not run into a problem?

The command architecture is designed such that only one command should be operating on a subsystem at one time which is enforced using Requires(). If you have a subsystem that needs to have multiple commands operating on it at once, it may be too large and able to be broken into smaller components.

Exactly what ruffles is saying. Your command needs to be broken into a command group that controls several individual commands. Each command should not span more than one subsystem.