Requiring assistance of anybody with photoshop talent!

Some of you might know my web development projects, specifically The Robotics Universe. Well, currently I’m working on an online AJAX project management software completely free for FIRST teams! It will help organize teams tasks, share code and notes, etc… If your team would like to help out I could really use somebody to do some basic logo design. Thanks a lot! Anybody who can help will receive permanent credit on the TRUprojects online software, this includes a link to your team site.

It is already being developed.

It will be developed on Django and Python with MySQL as the database backend.

Trac will be integrated and every team will have their own space.

Until the summer, I think it will be low activity.
Purdue is graciously sponsoring this project by hosting it.

Jordan Perr and I have started to implement the models and the administrative backend.

Join the group and ask us questions and see if you can to help us

Team 2502

I’m sort of doing something different here, this is more of an action item tracker, code uploading is just one of the small features. The big picture is a project manager like Windchill which PTC offers.

My point being is that it would be nice if that sort of stuff was integrated in one place rather than a bazillion places.

We’ll have a really nice user and team API so learn Django and it would make your like easier :slight_smile:

I don’t know… something definitely to look out for

We are the FIRST community, and we should stick together on things like this. If you don’t like what we are doing, join the group and talk with us, it’s still in early stages

I might be able to help, what exactly are you looking for?

Some basic text logo headers, nothing fancy but it’s gotta look better than just a font and drop shadow. If you’re interested, thanks, please send me a PM. Thanks again!