Research Paper

Besides the FIRST website, I was hoping I could get some help from everyone else, with my Junior class research paper. I will post some questions later but just telling everyone my idea. Maybe get some quotes about something from you guys or just your perspective about FIRST.
Oh my paper is just about the History and Purpose of FIRST. Havent thought of a better title yet either. Maybe you can help me out?


What are your requirements?

Before you go gung-ho collecting ideas from CD, make sure you are allowed to do something as uncomplicated as the “History and Purpose” of FIRST. At my kid’s high school, the paper had to be on an issue or on a topic where you had to take a position or could synthesize your own conclusions. In other words, develop a thesis and prove or disprove it.

They also needed to use scholarly sources - published materials. Internet websites were limited in number and in type. would be allowed, but for limited use.

Are you planning on developing a survey with an opportunity for some specific quote gathering? If you can prove it is a primary source, I think that is the only way a source like CD would be allowed.

… That definitely would of been something to start out with. I made the post while doing research in computer lab with my english class today. The paper doesnt have to prove or disprove, just a topic that we like and something we can write a big enough paper on. I even asked her if i could use the forums to get some info from other FIRST memebers and she said that it was fine, she really liked the idea of it. Only source restrictions are - Not all internet and at least one book from our library- Other then that, this would clear fine for the paper.
Giving a little more insight on my idea of “The History and Purpose of FIRST” would be finding out What FIRST is? And Why it was started? I know and can easily find the answer to this on my own but I want to add feed back from other people in FIRST on their ideas of what FIRST is to them. I guess thats my question to you.
“What is FIRST to you?”
What do you get from it? Your Experiences and benfits that came from this program.

Thanks for the reply!

" What is FIRST to me?"

FIRST to me is the best thing that ever happened in my life. FIRST opened my eyes and my mind to be able to think outside and diagonally within the box of life. FIRST intraduced me to some of my best and closet friends and provided me with memories that i will always cherish. FIRST also gave me an idea of what I wanted to be and how to give back to the community.
FIRST to me is a program that can turn any child or student into one with the proper motivation and thirst for knowledge into one that can think and function on there own and solve problems based on practice and thought and not be afraid to ask for and receive help. FIRST is a program that offers ways to change a students and their family’s lives with scholarships and out of school experiences and education.

When do you have to have this written by? I can think of many many many other things to say but right now I have to get ready for work.

If you haven’t seen these yet, these threads can help:

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generally, quoting something such as a forum doesn’t work so well, but i guess that is your assignment.
perhaps it would be a better idea to get the IM addresses of some of the well quoted members around here, and interview them?

Thanks Guys. I’ll check those threads better and If anyone does have the IM names of the poeple I can interview, that would be great If you can tell me. Also, not sure when this is due but we just started so there is plenty of time for more quotes. Thanks for the input.