Researching Folklore of FIRST Robotics

I’m an FRC alum and a current college student. For an anthropology class, I’m researching the folklore of FIRST Robotics.

If you are excited about your favorite FIRST traditions, songs, and rumors, please tell me all about them. The survey should take five minutes, and it would be greatly appreciated if you participated!

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Karthik the Wise?

It’s not a story an FTC team would tell you…

No, I’m not familiar with it. Please tell me all about it!

You mean this one?

(Sorry, I can never resist posting these whenever someone references that scene)

Is this the one where his team is ranked outside the top 8, and he tries to convince the top ranked team to scorch the earth a little bit before picking them, but his plan is hijacked by folks telling the top seed that he’s not to be trusted?


What pageantry do you associate with FIRST Robotics tournaments and competitions? (such as songs, dances, cheers, etc.)

I can’t say I’m proud to know the answer to this one.

Oooh, next would you tell the story of Pooh Bear and the Decagonal Wheels? No, wait! Andy and the Purple Tank!

I’m not familiar these… Could you please tell me more about Andy and the Purple Tank?

Water Game.

Secret messages in Daves dots.

Andy baker can win a regional without a robot

And also surf over many overdrive trackballs

No one should ever get excited about FIRST songs.

This thread in general.

That thread is amazing.


Robots going where they’re not supposed to be … vaulting over others, stuffed into goals, busting through preseason field walls …

It’s everyday bro with the CAD workflow.
500 parts in 3 days, never done before.
Passed all the competition man world champs is next .
Man I poppin all these rivets, got that brand new Molex.

-FRC Paul 2k17