Reset SparkMax Encoders (Hall Effect)

Has anyone found a function that will allow us to reset the SparkMax Encoder’s .getPosition() functions value back to zero via CAN? We need the capability to dynamically reset the encoders total revolutions back to zero.

REV has it in their public Trello board that they’re working on it. I feel like everyone is waiting on this, us included.

Is there any reason you need to set the encoder position back to zero as opposed to calculating a new target position based on the current encoder position?

I’m not sure how well this would work on the SPARK MAX, but with the Talon SRX last year, we encountered an issue where it would take up to several cycles before the encoders would reset. This meant that our code had to wait until the encoders reset before actually processing the command, often delaying it by up to ~60-100ms.