Reseting radio after competition

After our competition we have been trying to reset our radio so that we can connect to our robot wirelessly. We have not been successful however and I was wondering if someone could give easy step by step instructions on how to do it

Check if you check the “firewall” box in the configuration tool (it needs to be unchecked to connect wirelessly).

What have you already attempted? The WPILib should be your friend here as it has all the steps to go through

We have followed all of the directions from wpilib but when we run the configuration is asks for an adaptor with some random pin number.

Can you take a screen shot of the message where it asks for the adapter and the Radio Config screen?
It would also help to see the settings you chose when configuring.

Does the Radio Config Help -> About show version 19.1.1 ?

The message is “Bridge firmware load failed: Error finding NPF device name for adapter: ASIX AX88772C USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet AdapterTry disabling all other adapters (using the control panel) Please reset the bridge and try again” I have no idea what that means.

See the “Troubleshooting: Disabling Network Adapters” section at the bottom of the page Jack linked (you’ll have to expand it):


It worked. Thank you

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