Resetting the radio...

So, I’m trying to configure the radio onto our current practice base. When I go to configure, I get an error reading “Bridge configuration failed: Failed to program radio settings. Please reset the bridge and try again.” According to the directions given by the configuration utility itself, the radio is supposed to be switched from OpenMesh to OM5P-AN. Problem is, that is not an option in the radio dropbar. So in essence, it is literally impossible to reset this thing.
Any advice?

Just ignore the reset part of the message, that only applies to setting up an old DLink (the DAP choices).
The message just means something on your PC interfered with the setup utility.

  • Disable all network connections, except for the Ethernet you are using to program the radio. (Control Panel\Network and Sharing Center->Change Adapter Settings, then right-click->Disable on each one)
  • Disable Windows firewall, any third-party firewall tools like McAfee, and any anti-virus.
  • Cycle the radio power after hitting the Firmware button.
  • Wait for the radio to complete booting before hitting the Configure button.
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