What resolution do you view at?
I may change the navigation in the upper right if enough people answer what I want to hear…

I use 1280x1024. I turn on the favorites button on the browser and for the “White Papers” link, “Papers” wraps under “White”. Just thought I’d let you know.

If I remember correctly, I believe it’s a generic rule of thumb to design a page to require no more than 800x600 resolution. But it’s also a good idea to support 640x480. It doesn’t have to look perfect in those cases, but should still be usable.

And you should really validate and fix some of the HTML… :slight_smile:


yea, i know its not all valid html, but this is a 3rd party software package, and when they release an upgrade, i have to manually fix everything ive changed over again. its already a tedious job with the few hacks ive put into it so far

what html have you found that needs ‘fixing’… point some out, and ill fix it…

the forums are made to fill your screen, no matter what resolution you run at, however when you get down to 800x600 i noticed, all of the links at the top right wrap (but i have a plan to fix that, i was just wondering what resolution everyone was running at)

*Originally posted by Brandon Martus *
…i have to manually fix everything ive changed over again. its already a tedious job with the few hacks ive put into it so far…
That is why you should download all the templates you edit. Updates usually tell you which templates have been changed, and if it turns out that you edited a template that has been changed, you manually re-edit that template, otherwise you can just upload the one you have saved…sounds plausible, eh?

well templates arent the big problem
but im just saying in general, any functionality hacks usually take a little while to put back in…

That pull down menu fixed the word wrapping problem:)

Take a look at this:

That should give you an idea what needs to be fixed. And that’s just on the main page ( For one thing, nothing at CD has a <!DOCTYPE> declaration. I’m assuming you want it to be HTML 4.01 Transitional but that’s only my best guess. Taking some time to validate it means that it’s more likely to work on other broswers. Also it’s just a good idea in general.


Try not to use specific resolutions.

To me you have a couple of options.
If you look @

You can see its upper bar. It is a bunch of gif’s lined up in a table. The gifs have one right next to the other one. And from the first tab to the last tab is 640 by width. Then they have an extra gif on the side

which is called

This gif looks vert small, but it repeated becuase it is in the background of a table. So @ any resolution beyond 640x480 then it would be a nice little extra border that will extend anything beyond 640x480 to whatever resulution.

This is probably the best option beauce it is the easiest and so may people have so many different reolutions.
My monitor for example has really weird resolutions because it is a 19" that is in a rectangualar format. So I have reosolutions like
all the way to

The other way to do is a much more complicated java sript option that calculates the image sizes, table sizes, form sizes, etc. by getting the users resolution via javascript and increasing the size of the tables, images, and pictures, by multiply it by a specific ammount to whatever the size is.
However this has some drawbacks the webmaster has to predefine how much to mutiply for each resolution, so if there is a weird resolution than it may come out weird. Also some browsers liek IE and Netscape has different looks, and it may come out even weider.

They are probably other options, but it is a difficult issue as a website designer.

1600x1200 is the best resolution ever (excluding any higher than it)