Resource Websites

alright the purpose of this thread is to post any good sites you know that have sufficient, mentionable, downloadable, unzippable, sweet, sweet content. They are all over the net, but its the good ones that are hard to find.

please write the full URL instead of a text link so people are sure not to repeat them, and a description would fill me with joy. Ill start

Clearly, has a place here, thanks to that cool guy Ed. Im sure he can do a better description, but its full of the KOP as well as objects from past years in every catagory of parts.

My favorite website, connected to Inventor is You need to get an account but, wow, is it worth it. Using a java applet it gives you rotational views on the website of parts from over 200 companies with manufactured parts.

Free version of Inventor if you have access to a university email account. Lots of parts and iParts