Resources for Existing teams

In an attempt to help existing teams grow I am looking for resources that can help teams take the next step. To begin with I am looking for links to teams handbooks, constitutions, travel documentation, etc. I would also love to see if teams have other ideas about things every team could use but never thought of. How can we help every FIRST Team be the best they can be.

I will start with a link to our teams’ documents page.

I don’t want to limit peoples thinking to just the basics. If you have an idea about something every team could use but it may not exist yet, please list it.

On our web site I have a few items that may or may not be helpfull to new teams. . Look under “How To” for suggestions on team robot building. Also look under “Tech tips” and “other Ideas” for electrical and mechical ideas. Its not a lot but it is something. New teams can also look into helping their "community "

NEMO has quite a library of information