Result of a 12 Hour Programming Session

The COMETS spent 12 hours Saturday working on our robot. We made a LOT of progress, and are extremely excited for the TC district event.

However, 12 of robots makes everyone a little slap-happy. The following picture is something that we laughed at for about 20 minutes straight.

Look closely…it’s a zipped file… hahahahaha!


We had one of those half-a-dayers and by the end of it it was almost as if someone filled the room with laughing gas!

We had a 17 hour session…17 was the longest any one kid was there. I was there at 7AM and lost in the tornado we’ll call a “build season”. After going from 7AM till 8:15AM (24.25 hours for coach) the next day we were all a little goofy. The classroom and shop looked like we’d been bombed after a hurricane and a riot w/looting. Between 2 days we’d put 34.5 hours in on task to finally get it together. The mentors caught up to us the next day and their jaws hit the floor with how far we came.

Then we had a scrimmage at 1PM that afternoon. After I got home at 8PM that evening I fell asleep sitting up and I’d fall and hit the arm of the couch (which would wake me up) after three times I guess of doing that my wife sent me to bed. We were back at it by 9AM the next day and I’m just getting to bed now. Murphy (of Law fame) has been riding me piggyback style this week! It’s a sweet running robot now though!:cool:

beginning last friday, and continuing into today…
I am going to be putting in approximately 42 hours into this robot…
then on tuesday, maybe another 5 or 6, depending on when exactly it needs to be shipped by

yesterday, me and my 2 friends on the team, were pretty much alone on the robot, I was building tlast minute standoffs and gussets, and they were testing our 3 zone variable atonomous modes (WICH WORK BTW!)
durring the final few hours of the day (around 9:30 10:00 ish…we consumed around 6 liters of moutain dew…
yepo, we each had an entire 2 liter lol
we were insanely wound up…and were dancing around with traffic cones on our heads and singing neil diamond soungs from memory haha
I am still a bit jittery