RESULTS - Duel on the Delaware 2006

It was a great fall day for the Duel on the Delaware today.

Here are the results:

Duel Master Volunteer Award - Dina Campagna, Team 341

“Success Won’t Wait” Book Drive

  • Total poundage of books collected - 7500 LBS!!!
  • Total poundage collected by winners, Chuck 84 - 4950 LBS!!!

The Success Won’t Wait organizers said that they collected more books from this event than any other event they have organized over the past four years. Thanks to EVERYONE who donated books for this!


#1 25, 365, 423, 1980
#2 1370, 153, 1719
#3 75, 816, 1389
#4 339, 272, 709
#5 1712, 84, 1647
#6 341, 1403, 316
#7 369, 422, 1089
#8 222, 87, 357

Champions - Alliance #1
Finalists - Alliance #7

Teams Recognized for Attending the Duel each of it’s five years:

316 (host)
365 (host)


Duel Early Bird Award - Team 1980
Duel Spirit Award - Team 87
Duel Gracious Robot Award

  • Team 341 for loaning their twin to pre-rookie 153
  • Team 225 for loaning their robot to Team 1980


All volunteers and sponsors.
Bill Enslen - volunteer coordinator
Bob Dudek - Duel event coordinator

  • John Steiner, SCC
  • John Strait, DuPont Chambers Works
  • Vicky Brady, DuPont Engineering Technology
  • Jamie Ginn, Miss Delaware 2006
  • SCC Oak Singers
    Our wonderful emcee, Wayne Penn!
    Mike Wade and NASA for the fine running playing field.
    All the participating teams, who make doing this fun.

Look forward to Brunswick Eruption and Ramp Riot!

Have a great off-season!

Other Duel recognition:

We had a terrific showing for the FIRST Vex Challege, Hangin A-Round Scrimmage. About 16 teams showed up to face off on the official FVC field.

Thanks to Joe Perrotto and his Vex team for putting this on.

Special thanks to Team 357 for displaying their awesome Mecanum-drive wheel wheelchair.

Special thanks to MOE alum Jake Warren for displaying the Foster Miller TALON robot.

It has been a tiring, but fun few days. Time to take a break!

To Team 365 and 316. Thanks for another awesome Duel. We had a great time and so did our pre-rookies from Episcopal Academy.

Thanks also to our partners, Teams 1403 and 316. It was a great run.

See everyone in a few weeks at Ramp Riot!


Thanks for hosting the event. I know I speak for all of us here at Dawgma when I say that we had a great time! Hope to attend next year and look forward to seeing you guys at Ramp Riot. :smiley: I’d also like to thank teams 84 and 1647 for assisting us in the playoffs, you all did a great job.

Why are there 4 teams listed in the number 1 allaince?

The pre rookie, 1980, was a replacement for 423 in the last match. They looked good too. And a big FIRST thanks to 225 for letting them use their bot. :smiley:

Another excellent compitition.

Did the Moe,25,1980,423 alliance end up winning it?


[quote=] ALLIANCES

#1 25, 365, 423, 1980
#2 1370, 153, 1719
#3 75, 816, 1389
#4 339, 272, 709
#5 1712, 84, 1647
#6 341, 1403, 316
#7 369, 422, 1089
#8 222, 87, 357

Champions - Alliance #1
Finalists - Alliance #7

So I’ve just gotten home from a very tiring, yet absolutely amazing day at the Duel.

A big thanks to Team 316 and MOE for putting on a well ran event. Also to our alliance partners 365, 423, and 1980. You were all excellent to work with, very cooperative, and overall just great people - good job guys. Also thanks to Alliance 7, and many of the other teams for putting up some tough competition.

It was also fun to meet some other members of CD, such as Cuog and Billfred.
And I’m sure Tina enjoyed getting sang Happy Birthday to her by the entire crowd. :wink:

DoD provided excellent practice for our new drive team, and a first experience of what FIRST is about for our new freshmen. Team 25 had a blast, and will definitely be back next year. But for the time being, we hope to see many of you at Brunswick Eruption 5 (there’s still time to sign-up) and Ramp Riot.

I’m on team 423 (though i had to leave early today, before the third match in the first elimination match. i was the human player up to that point) and i’d like to say congrats to all the teams that played at the Duel. It’s always a lot of fun to play with fewer robots, and while it’s not as satisfying to play for only one day as it is to play for 3, I had a lot of fun today (and a good ammount of stress as well). I’m glad to hear that our alliance won, though i’m sure it was a great competition all the way through. Again, congrats to all teams in the Duel this year, and a special thanks to 1980 for filling in for us (what was wrong with our robot in the last match?).
Good luck to everyone in any other off-season events you may have, and good luck with the 2007 game. I hope it’s as much fun as the one this year was.

What did the scores at the competition look like? With these alliances, I could see some three digit numbers being put up easily.

The high score was in the second finals match, with a score of 104 to 59, with alliance #1 winning.

Remember, even with these awesome robots, many teams were trying out new drivers, so scores might not be as high. I will say, even with new drivers, alliances in both qualifying and eliminations matches were playing this game hard and fast.

I especially liked the A-Bomb on the ramp between the Tigertrons, Team 222, and Royal Assault, Team 357. I believe this happened in the first match of the quarterfinals. It was a brilliant play and fun to watch live.

apparently we won the last one 105-something…teams werent exactly fair

Wowzers! What an amazing event! Thanks to 316 and 365 for hosting this great day!

Thank you to our alliance–816 and 1389! We did a great job together! =D

Congrats to the winning teams~! Hope this day was as awesome for you as it was for me!

It was great, we had a very high scoring final match, 105 - 59 was very high for both alliances involved. I also ran into some members of 25 and Bilfred once or twice as well

Thanks for an amazing time guys. It was my first off season event ever, and boy did I pick a good one…thanks to MOE and Lunatecs for putting on the event…for Rai and Sam and Ilana for “adopting” me, and to all the teams for participating. Congrats to the winning alliance, and to the finalist alliance, and to all the other alliances too…you all were great.

Thanks to Wayne and Bill for being a great MC/announcer pair, and to Carol for being head referee.

Thanks to Mike for getting the field set up, and working, and thanks to all the referees for doing a great job.

I had a great time, and am looking forward to next year and this season even more!


On behalf of team 1089, I’d love to thank teams 369 and 422 for being amazing alliance partners. We had a fantastic shooting bot in 369, a fantastic defense and low-scoring bot (that vaguely reminded me of a snowmobile) in 422, and with us, what I refer to as a “jack-of-all-trades, master of none”, it made a pretty well-rounded alliance.

Going into the alliance selection off a 1-4 record, we were very pleasantly surprised to have been picked at all, let alone passing the quarterfinals. And making it to the finals against 25, 365, and 422, all I could do is go up to Wayne C. and say “please don’t completely destroy our machine, we want to compete in BE in 2 weeks”. When you go into the finals against national finalists and two other fantastic teams with “2/3 working” bot on our end (our balls kept jamming and we couldn’t figure out why), you pretty much know how it’s going to end up, but we played our hearts out anyway and didn’t leave disappointed. As one of my kids said “how can you feel bad getting beat by 25”?

This competition was meant for us to teach some of our new students about jobs done at an FRC competition. We had a small amount of pit scouting, round scouting, etc…we also tried to emphasize improved communication between our students and mentors – and we did it with flying colors. Coming home with a finalist trophy only pushes some kids harder to do even better in the future.

Thanks to 365, 316, Mike Wade, and all the volunteers who made Duel5 an amazing success!! Our students had a fantastic time, the event ended at a reasonable hour, and everyone was courteous and professional. Also thanks to John LaRock and the announcer (who I forget his name, I’m sorry) for helping to push our upcoming FLL competition (Mission: Mercury)!

Congrats again to 25, 423, 365, and 1980 for “doing the duel!”

BTW, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but team 1089 got significantly louder after qualifying rounds. That was because the rest of their team finally arrived from taking PSATs. We almost doubled in size after lunch :).

For my first time at the Duel, I have to say it was one of the most relaxing competition atmosphere’s I have ever been in. Carney’s Point was far enough away from the city to not be “bussling” and yet close enough to be easily accessible. Everyone was very friendly, and many students had high spirits!

As always a very extended thanks to Mike for his traveling field.

Thanks to Dawgma for letting us run with you in the finals. You guys definitely have an amazing rookie robot, and I wish you the best of luck this year.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Ramp Riot!