[RESULTS] Top 10 Mountain Teams of 2016

Hello, all!

The results are in, and the top 10 teams of the mountains for the 2016 FRC Season have been determined! More than 40 people voted, which was much, much more than I thought would. Thank you all for voting and making your voice heard! Let’s see the results!

The format I am using for this post is the following:

Number Rank: The team that comes in at the respective number rank will go here. The number of nth-place votes will go here as well. If teams had an equal number of votes for a spot, both get it.

Overview: The overview is a short synopsis of the team’s season, including their capabilities and performance. It also includes their greatest moments.

List of Awards: Here, I will list the team’s achievements of the season.

Highest Scoring Match: This section will contain a video link of the team’s highest scoring match.

Here we go!

Top 10 Mountain Teams of 2016:

10. 60 (Bionic Bulldogs, 3 tenth place votes)

Overview: Traditionally, the Bionic Bulldogs have been a powerhouse of Arizona. This year is certainly no different. Although they got off to a rough start in the Arizona North Regional this year, they rebounded and fought their way to the finals in Las Vegas. Their high goal shot was dialed in for Vegas, and it earned them a wildcard slot. 60 may not have been as strong this year as they have in the past, but they’ve had a great season nevertheless.

List of Awards:

  • Woodie Flowers Finalist Award, Arizona North Regional
  • Regional Finalists, Las Vegas Regional

Highest Scoring Match: 140 during QF 3-1, Las Vegas Regional (No video, sorry!)

9. 662 (Rocky Mountain Robotics, 3 ninth place votes) and 2486 (CocoNuts, 3 ninth place votes)

Overview: Both teams built very different robots, and both were very cool to watch. 662 worked more on breaching, while 2486 worked more on scoring. 662 was consistent, being an alliance captain in both Arizona North and Colorado. 2486 was picked in all three events they attended. 662 could do all of the defenses, with the exception of the low bar. They couldn’t put up many boulder points, but in many of their matches they had their alliance partners do it for them. They went out in the quarters of both of their events, but they still have a lot to be proud of. 2486, on the other hand, could put boulders into the tower. They were mainly a low goal bot, as their high goal shot was not completely accurate at their earlier events. Nonetheless, they picked up a regional win, a Chairman’s Award, and two other elimination appearances this season. Both teams were great, and deserve a spot on the top 10 list.

List of Awards:

  • Entrepreneurship Award and Excellence in Engineering Award, Arizona North Regional


  • Regional Winners, San Diego Regional
  • Regional Chairman’s Award, San Diego Regional
  • Dean’s List Finalist, Arizona North Regional
  • Gracious Professionalism Award, Arizona North Regional

Highest Scoring Match:
662: 141 during QF 4-1, Colorado Regional
2486: 160 during Q27, Carson Divison

8. 498 (Cobra Commanders, 3 eighth place votes)

Overview: The Cobra Commanders had a great season. They started it off right with a win in Flagstaff, their first regional win in history. For Arizona West, their strategy changed from breaching to scoring boulders, and made it to the semis. Their high goal shot was accurate, and they reached the Championship for only the third time in their history. 498 was a strong force in Arizona this year, and they’ve secured eighth place because of it.

List of Awards:

  • Regional Winners, Arizona North Regional

Highest Scoring Match: 165 during QF 2-1, Arizona West Regional (No video, sorry!)

7. 2996 (Cougars Gone Wired, 3 seventh place votes)

Overview: Cougars Gone Wired may have gone out in the quarters of both of their events, but they still were great nonetheless. After a rough start in Flagstaff, their robot could shoot high goals by Colorado. They were the first pick of the second seeded alliance, and were one of the strongest bots from Colorado this year. In Colorado, they won the Engineering Inspiration Award, adding to their collection. Cougars Gone Wired had a great season, and they’ll likely be back in full force next year.

List of Awards:

  • Engineering Inspiration Award, Colorado Regional
  • Dean’s List Finalist, Colorado Regional

Highest Scoring Match: 169 during Q44, Carson Division

6. 3230 (PrototypeX, 2 sixth place votes) and 4334 (Alberta Tech Alliance, 2 sixth place votes)

Overview: 3230 and 4334 both had the same idea in mind: score boulders in the tower. However, both teams went about it very differently. ATA preferred to shoot closer to the batter, while PrototypeX only shot from the outerworks. ATA had a far better season this year than they did last year, winning two regionals and making it to the semis of Hopper. Their high goal shooter was accurate, and it helped them do very well this year. On the other side, it took PrototypeX three regionals to secure their spot in St. Louis. They went out in the quarters of both Utah and Colorado, but they rebounded and won the Idaho Regional after an impressive upset of 2122 in the finals. As previously said, they could only shoot from the outerworks, but the shot was a bullet. Both robots were very impressive, and both teams should be proud of the great robots they’ve built.

List of Awards:

  • Innovation in Control Award, Utah Regional
  • Regional Winner, Idaho Regional
  • Creativity Award, Idaho Regional


  • Regional Winner, Utah Regional
  • Excellence in Engineering Award, Utah Regional
  • Regional Winner, Western Canada Regional
  • Creativity Award, Western Canada Regional

Highest Scoring Match:
3230: 152 during SF 2-1, Idaho Regional (No video, sorry!)
4334: 220 during SF 1-2, Hopper Division

5. 4499 (The Highlanders, 4 fifth place votes)

Overview: The Highlanders had what was arguably their best season yet, and continued their championship attendance streak. At the Arizona North Regional, their strategy was to breach and score low goals. They became an alliance captain for the first time in their history, seeding third, and despite going out in the quarters they secured the Regional EI. At the Colorado Regional, their focus shifted from low goals to high goals, using their catapult to put boulders in the tower. They took their quarterfinals and semifinals to rubber matches, and became finalists for the regional for the second year in a row. They also took home the Chairman’s Award for the second year in a row. In the Galileo Division, they fought their way to the 15th seed, making them the highest unpicked seed of the division. However, they didn’t leave empty-handed. The Highlanders took home the Gracious Professionalism Award for the first time in their history. They had a great year this year, and I’m sure it’ll be even better next year!

List of Awards:

  • Regional Engineering Inspiration Award, Arizona North Regional
  • Regional Finalist, Colorado Regional
  • Regional Chairman’s Award, Colorado Regional
  • Gracious Professionalism Award, Galileo Division

Highest Scoring Match: 142 during SF 2-3, Colorado Regional/Q70, Galileo Division

4. 842 (Falcon Robotics, 4 fourth place votes), 1011 (CRUSH, 4 fourth place votes), and 4183 (Bit Buckets, 4 fourth places votes)

Overview: Among Arizona teams, I couldn’t decide which was the best. It is only fitting that the three greatest teams from Arizona this year all tied for fourth place. All three robots were interesting in their strategies; 842 only shot high goals, 4183 shot high goals in Arizona West after low goaling in Arizona North, and 1011 only did low goals. This year was likely Falcon Robotics’ greatest, as they were a finalist in Flagstaff and the winners of Las Vegas. Their high goal shot was accurate no matter where they were on the field, and their grappling hook scaler they used in Vegas worked very well. They seeded fifth on Carver, and they should be very proud of this season. The Bit Buckets put forth a strong effort this year with their robot. An untimely flip cost them a win at Flagstaff, but after dialing in their high goal shot (as well as putting two big googly eyes on their robot), they were ready to go in Phoenix and came within a match of beating 987. They performed well in Archimedes, and built a great robot this season. As for 1011, this season was undoubtedly their best ever. They may have had a rough start in Flagstaff, but they secured their first ever regional win in Denver a few weeks later. They were also invited to division eliminations for the first time in their history and made it to the semis after upsetting the #2 seed. All three of these teams were incredible this year, and should use this year as a stepping stone to even greater things next year.

List of Awards:

  • Regional Finalist, Arizona North Regional
  • Regional Winner, Las Vegas Regional
  • Industrial Design Award, Las Vegas Regional


  • Regional Winner, Colorado Regional
  • Dean’s List Finalist Award, Colorado Regional
  • Excellence in Engineeing Award, Colorado Regional


  • Regional Finalist, Arizona North Regional
  • Regional Finalist, Arizona West Regional
  • Excellence in Engineering, Arizona West Regional

Highest Scoring Match:
842: 207 during QF 1-1, Las Vegas Regional/QF 2-1, Carver Division
1011: 183 during F2, Colorado Regional
4183: 206 during QF 3-1, Arizona West Regional (No video, sorry!)

3. 1619 (Up-A-Creek Robotics, 7 third place votes)

Overview: Up-A-Creek had a wonderful season. They wanted to shoot high goals, and it may have taken a while, but they got it working. Their scaler, albeit not used often, was very fast. They started their season at Arizona North. They may have gone out in the quarters, but they did so in spectacular fashion. They came home from Flagstaff with their first ever Regional Chairman’s Award, and revamped for Denver two weeks later. There, they seeded first and scored many high goals. At Colorado, they captured the tower in every elimination match except one, broke the record for number of boulders put into the tower (then it was 16, their alliance put in 18), and became the first, and as of now, only team in history to win the Colorado Regional two years in a row. In the Carson Division, 1619 was the captain of the #7 alliance, and made it to the semifinals after an impressive win over the #2 alliance. They also took home the Quality Award, and have a lot to be proud of this season. This season was easily their best yet, and it’ll be exciting to see them next year.

Awards List:

  • Regional Chairman’s Award, Arizona North Regional
  • Regional Winner, Colorado Regional
  • Innovation in Control Award, Colorado Regional
  • Woodie Flowers Finalist Award, Colorado Regional
  • Quality Award, Carson Division

Highest Scoring Match: 222 during QF 3-2, Carson Division

2. 2122 (Team Tators, 12 second place votes)

Overview: The thing I loved most about 2122 this year is that they would always show you a preview of things to come for their next regional. Team Tators started this year with a low goal bot, but easily one of the best low goal bots in the world. 2122 made its debut in Flagstaff, where they won the regional and the Quality Award. In their final match in Arizona, they showed off their never-before used climber, which made me want to watch them in Idaho. A few weeks later, in Boise, they used their scaler much more often, and although they lost to 3230 in the finals, Tators showed they were still a force to be reckoned with. Also, in the qualification rounds, 2122 shot one single, lonely high goal, foreshadowing their capabilities for Carson. In St. Louis, Tators could climb, shoot high goals, and get over the defenses with ease. They seeded fifth and won the division, becoming the first and so far only team from Idaho to reach the Einstein Field. 2122 has become a force from the West to be reckoned with, and I hope to see them do even better next year.

Greatest Moments this Season:

  • Regional Winner, Arizona North Regional
  • Quality Award, Arizona North Regional
  • Regional Finalists, Idaho Regional
  • Quality Award, Idaho Regional
  • Divisional Champion, Carson Division

Highest Scoring Match: 230 during QF 2-1, Einstein Field

1. 987 (Highrollers, 12 first place votes)

Overview: Coming in at first place, the Highrollers were easily the greatest mountain team this year. Starting their season in Los Angeles, they won the regional after some very intense finals matches. They went on to Las Vegas, where they won the regional and the Regional Chairman’s Award. 987 wasn’t done yet, though. They went to a third regional, the Arizona West Regional, where they successfully pulled off a two-ball autonomous mode. They would go on to win the regional, and go to St. Louis with all cylinders firing. In St. Louis they were incredible. Their vision system, which received three Innovation in Controls Awards, was flawless. They went up against 195, their future alliance partner, in the quals and came out on top. They won the Galileo Division and returned to the Einstein Field for the second year in a row, and if not for robot issues in the semis, they may have gone all the way. To top off their season, they finally won the Chairman’s Award and became the newest member of the Hall of Fame. Future members of the Highrollers this season will likely look back to the 2016 Season and see it as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, season of their history.

Greatest Moments this Season:

  • Regional Winners, Los Angeles Regional
  • Innovation in Control Award, Los Angeles Regional
  • Regional Winners, Las Vegas Regional
  • Regional Chairman’s Award, Las Vegas Regional
  • Regional Winners, Arizona West Regional
  • Innovation in Control Award, Arizona West Regional
  • Divisional Champion, Galileo Division
  • Innovation in Control Award, Galileo Division
  • Chairman’s Award, FIRST Championship

Highest Scoring Match: 255 during QF 2-2, Einstein Field

Other Things:

Thank you all for contributing to the results. Feel free to discuss in the thread if you think I’m right, if you think I’m wrong, or if you think I’m missing a team. (I did notice there were no PNW teams on the top 10. Sorry for putting out that notice late.) What would your Top 10 Mountain Team List look like?

Also, the IRI invite list was put out today, and two mountain teams qualified! Congratulations to 1011 and 1619 on being accepted to the 2016 Indiana Robotics Invitational! Both of these teams will represent the area well, I just know it.

That’s all for now! So long!

Discussion Question: What would your Top 10 Mountain/PNW Team List of 2016 look like?

Thank you for your kind words. We are honored to be compared to such great teams.

Excellent breakdown, and once again congratulations to 987!