OakTown Crewz here. Does anyone happento have the Scores/Results for Sat. Competition at RH.

We would Really like to see them

THANK YOU :smiley:

This thread was already posted:

Rochester HS Regional Results

^this link does not work at all for me. it gives me a connection error. PLZ help us get the results.

As of right now, the link seems to be working…if you continue to have problems, AIM me at NateT66 with the specific error you are experiencing…it’s running over my cable modem at home, so it depends on how stable the network is at any given time…

If you are trying to access the site via your school’s LAN, they may have port blocking in their firewall which is preventing you from accessing the system. I will look into mirroring the data to an alternate site as well…

Also, here’s an alternate port:

That link works nate Thank you Very much. I hate skewl Fire walls :mad:

Does anyone have the match results?

*Originally posted by Jim Meyer *
**Does anyone have the match results? **

They should be in place sometime tonight…I just have to get around to creating the template for the page…