Hey, can I know who won at their regional? Just curious.

Here is a link to the results of the Florida FTC Regional

Winning Alliance:

450 (Alliance Captain) Children of the Swamp from Inlet Grove High School & Suncoast High School

508 PiraTech Robotics

506 Pandara from Palm Harbor University High School

Inspire Award:

8 4-H Exploding Bacon from Winter Park HS, Lake Brantley HS, Trinity Preparatory School, Glenridge MS

Here are some pictures from the event:

uh…i was talking about FTC. Some of the regionals have already happened and i just wanted to see some pictures, results, etc.

We are a rookie so that is why i was just curious.

At the Illinois/Midwest regional, the winners were Team 613 MiniStang, Team 604 P.W.NAGE and Team 19 QC Elite. It was a great time and real fast paced. As a word of advice, if you can secure the goals quickly and hold on to them, you win generally!

There’s a link to some pics on this page: