Retaining clip question

We just had a retaining clip break on a motor and need a new one. I want to order one from McMaster-Carr because they have same-day delivery to my team’s work space, but McMaster only has English measurement self-locking retaining clips. Has anyone every tried using a 5/16" self-locking retaining clip on an 8mm shaft, like the one on the mini-CIM?

I believe these are the ones we use as they show up in my order history from 2011:

Part # 98430A132

I would assume they are the ones you are considering?

If so they work fine for us.

If 98430A132 is what you need, see here. The shaft diameter tolerance band includes Ø8 mm (Ø0.314960 in), so it should work.

If it’s another part instead, it’s only 0.0025 in different, so it’s very likely to work fine.