Retaining Rings Sticking Outisde of Frame

My team had a question about the frame perimeter rules, we have a few roller shafts sticking outside our frame perimeter about a 10th of an inch with a retaining ring and was wondering if this is legal.

According to the rules:

R01. The ROBOT (excluding BUMPERS) must have a FRAME PERIMETER, contained within the
BUMPER ZONE, that is comprised of fixed, non-articulated structural elements of the ROBOT.
Minor protrusions no greater than ¼ in. (~6.3 mm) such as bolt heads, fastener ends, weld
beads, and rivets are not considered part of the FRAME PERIMETER.

**TL;DR **are retaining clips considered a fasteners?


The purpose of a retaining ring is to keep a shaft from leaving a designate location, therefore one could easily argue that it FASTENS the shaft in place.

I would probably see it as a minor protrusion if I were inspecting you. Would probably need to see it in person to be more sure.

Yes, a retaining ring is a fastener, but, they are placed in a groove on a shaft, or pressed onto a shaft. Either way the shaft extends past the fastener and as such would be beyond the frame perimeter itself. The portion beyond the fastener is still the shaft and not part of the fastener.

To be absolutely sure though, you should ask in the official q&a.

An inspector would have to see to make a ruling but in my experience, a clip on a shaft is usually pushing against a bearing. Most such assemblies will end up being more than 0.10" beyond the frame. In any case, the end of the shaft is the protrusion.