Rethinking climbs after Everybot?

After the reveal yesterday? How many teams are completely rethinking there climbs?

Is there a faster way to climb the mid-rung?


Yes, and I am also rethinking my role as mentor. :slight_smile:


I’m rethinking the majority of my life choices. But our climb is not one of them.

Edit: I’m actually glad that there is a very fast mid rung climb option so that teams that are climbing to the higher rungs don’t have to worry about getting off that mid rung so early to allow their partners to climb. It actually helps validate our overall strategy.


It definitely caused a shift in my thinking. Not to say we’ll run the Everybot one, but I’m rethinking what I was thinking.


I want to go home and rethink my life…

But not my climb. The Everybot climb is a super cool solution that I think will work for some teams. I am worried about that solution working at every event. I clearly don’t know enough about the design but I worry there will be field tolerances that will hurt the success rate of that design similar to 2013. Maybe they made the design flexible enough to account for those tolerances. I am also curious what kind of driver skill is needed to accurately line up this climb (what happens if you approach at an angle?).

It’s only been a day but my initial reaction is I still like the 2020 Everybot climb or any of the COTS telescoping options better for the low and mid rungs. I think the accuracy and control you get from those designs outweighs the potential time saver of the 2022 Everybot. If I am in the process of going for a rung higher than the middle rung I would be worried about another robot driving full speed into the hangar zone.


I’m just glad I got the chance to buy (2) two-stage climbers from @Ryan_Dognaux before having our strategy upended by a couple cleverly cut pieces of wood.


Faster than the Everybot? I sincerely doubt it.

We were thinking that the lowest rung was a fast and free 4 points, with a passive style climber requiring little design and fab time. We were only going to do the middle bar if there was a way to do it that required similarly low design resources, AND could be done more quickly than scoring a single high ball. It appears that this is that way. (This year we don’t have the personnel resources to spend on anything time consuming.)


There is always the 2 piston lift hook method where you hook it up to a single action solenoid that defaults to the down position when the bot loses power. You don’t even have to hit a button, just end the match in the right spot under that mid rung and the shutoff will make you climb.

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I was telling the programmers yesterday that if you take on the climber subsystem either you will have nothing to do, or you will have the most complicated system. Depending on whether the 3rd & 4th level climber materializes.


It’s not that the climber code is that complicated. Taking the heat every time the robot hits the carpet, though…

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