Retirement of FIRST President Larry Cohen

The following email was sent to FIRST sponsors. Welcome in Chris Rake as FIRST’s Interim President!


That was…fast. Just a year and a few months
Don Bossi was 2013-'19 (nearly '20), iirc.


[New Record] FIRST President Speedrun [Any%]


I really really really don’t want to speculate, but I hope the turnover isn’t indicative of anything bad happening at FIRST. It’s probably nothing, but I can’t shake the thought with this announcement coming so soon after the Championships being cancelled and it being in the middle of the overall FIRST season.


Considering that Larry Cohen was based out of New York City before taking the job, Manchester-NYC is a 4-hour drive through two additional states, and the northeast has been the most serious about travel restrictions, I have no problem taking the email at face value.


And recent events have caused a lot of folks to reevaluate what they find important lately.

Barring evidence to the contrary I’d take the stated reason at face value and wish him many happy years with his family.


In that regard, glad he stuck out the year. It would have been understandable but also tough on the organization if he’d acted on this decision in the midst of the extreme challenge faced. I think we all expect that this next president to have some challenges but not at the level of this last year, we hope.


This part definitely gives me hope:
" FIRST is weathering the pandemic storm well and is poised to rebound quickly. That is due to a lot of hard work by FIRST staff and volunteers and due to the continued support of our major sponsors."

Best wishes to Mr. Cohen, and thank you for your service to FIRST!


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