Retracting cylinder after kicking

Hey all! Is there a way that I can retract my cylinder after kicker the ball? I am working with a solenoid with 1 input and 2 outputs. I want it to bring the cylinder in because I don’t want to get penalized for having something beyond my frame perimeter for more then 2 seconds. Thanks!

once the solenoid is false the cylinder should retract provided it is wired up corectly
for example button three kicks release it and the piston retracts

can i get it to do it for me? so I don’t have to to worry about the penalty! I know that it will retract after I let go of the button but I want the cRIO to do it! Thanks

The easiest way to get quick retracting on something like that would be to use surgical tubing or anything elastic and have it connected to the end of the piston to retract it. Surgical tubing isn’t strong enough to cause any resistance against the piston either so you shouldn’t lose any power. Good luck.

ok well you will need a sensor to tell the crio when its down for example a limit switch or what we are using which is a IR reciver/transmiter
and for legendaryghost his piston retracts fast enough but he wants it to do it automatically after he kicks

You can do what he wants without a sensor. Automatically retracting a cylinder a certain time after it is extended can be done with no external feedback.

The code is a little bit complex, it’s late and I have other things to do before I go to bed, so unfortunately I won’t be much help, but it can be done.

exactly! ok so do I just follow the examples in the LABview “piston with limit switch” or something like that.?

I understand! thanks for your help on the joysticks!!

here is a auto bring up for your kicker remember to repush it to kick again
replace the button status with the button 3 unbundle and the solenoid set with the solenoid set vi

Untitled (8.61 KB)

Untitled (8.61 KB)

I appreciate all the help! I really do. But what is in this .vi? It looks like something I would use with the gyro. it has rotate to target, axis(x,y) is this what you meant to send me?

It appears to be a VI for mecanum drive control with the camera. Pretty sure that’s not what they meant to post…(perhaps a better file naming scheme might help)

that’s what I thought! Thanks

sorry i put up the wrong one here

Untitled (21.7 KB)

Untitled (21.7 KB)

Thanks man I thought that is what happened

did you get every thing that you wanted?

Well once I try that vi I will let you know. The only thing left is the camera! I bought a new camera that isn’t an axis because we couldn’t find ours. I don’t know what all I have to change in order to make it work.

I’m not sure if this will help, but for us with c++, I just use the periodic checkup on buttons to determine if “button X” is pressed. If it is, the solenoid output is set to true, otherwise it resets to false if the button doesn’t remain pressed.

As it is a one input, two output solenoid, this should work if set up similiarly in LabView. The solenoid always outputs to one side if it’s pressurized, the true/false power only decides which side it pressures. It might help your team if you communicated with the mechanical division a bit more on how the gear works.

The kicker they have is a piston but he wanted it to retract automatically after a certain amount of time weather or not the button was still pressed so they wouldn’t get a penalty
and it depends on what type of camera it is the c-rio will only work with certain types