Retrieval Zone Vision Target

After doing some driver practice and realizing how hard it is to see and line up with the Return Loading Station (RLS), we started thinking of using vision processing to help us line up with the RLS like we are planning on doing with the peg. I know there is no vision target there, so we thought why not bring our own.

The idea is simple: a T shaped piece of wood with two vertical strips of retro-reflective tape on the vertical. The top of the T would rest against the plexi on top of the “shelves” (chutes) and the vertical would sit between the chutes. The robot could then look through the plexi to see the targets.

The target would meet H12 as it can be classified as a non-powered signaling device. I don’t see any other rules that would disallow this strategy, but I thought CD might like to mull it over. What do you think?

Make sure it doesn’t mimic any official vision targets.

Oddly, you’re not the first to think of the idea.