Retro Reflective Tape

We are trying to find out what happened to the reflective tape that was mentioned in the videos during kick-off today. We did not see it in the black tub nor is it listed on the checklist. Anybody know how you are supposed to get it?


In the game manual definitions, the “Vision Target” is defined as:

a retro-reflective target, made of 3M 8830 Silver Marking Film, that may be used by ROBOTS to sense FIELD elements.

The 3M website says that you should be able to purchase it at certain retailers. Here is the link.

AndyMark has a similar reflective tape which was used in the 2012 game, however seeing as the brand has changed, I don’t think that you should rely on that being the same as the brand listed in this year’s manual.

It became available in FIRST Choice a few minutes ago (along with 100 additional FIRST Choice credits per team).

We didn’t have it in our KoP either, but ordered a roll from FIRST Choice.

The new tape wide and you cut it into strips. It has a strong adhesive backing.
The old ribbon is too narrow and will need to be doubled and has no backing adhesive.

The ribbon used in past years and tape used this year both have the same intended purpose and for the visible light shots I’ve seen, they are very similar.

The goals take far more material than it may appear, so if you are going to focus on vision tracking, I’d encourage you to order the new stuff when you get a chance, but if you have enough of the old ribbon, it can certainly be used to develop initial code and can be used for exploration and demos. You want to make a portable half-scale target, the old ribbon is a nice size for this.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks for all the good info everyone :smiley: