Retroreflective Tape Source

My team lost the retroreflective tape that came with the KoPs :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Does anyone have source where we can order it?

According to the 2023 Kickoff Kit Checklist - Season Specific Box, the exact retroreflective tape provided in the KoP is not available for purchase:

That being said, AndyMark does sell 2-inch widths of retroreflective tape in lengths of 5 inches and 10 feet: Retroreflective Tape, 2 in. Wide - AndyMark, Inc

It’s expensive, but search for 3M 973-10 and you’ll find suppliers.

5.9.1 in the game manual
3M 973-10 Diamond Grade Flexible Prismatic School Bus Marking Series White


AndyMark has the old tape and we have some of that already.

The stuff that Andymark is selling is not the current retroreflective tape being used on the field. The current tape is 3M 973-10NL and is very hard to find. I did manage to get a 50yd roll from Pack-n-Tape, but it’s $113 for the roll.

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A nearby team not doing vision is probably your fastest source.

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We never got our 930 Reflective Tape in our KOP Season Specific box, and we submitted for a replacement part on the Dashboard on Jan. 8, but have not yet gotten a shipping or any other notice about it. Has anyone else had this issue? I contacted FIRST about it but haven’t heard back yet.

High, Strategic, is there any way we can purchase a yard of that tape from you? Ours was missing from the KOP and no movement on the replacement parts submission. Thanks!

Product Overview

Note: FIRST does not recommend this tape to be used for testing vision targeting for the 2023 FRC season as they have switched to using 3M-973-10 White retroreflective tape in 2 in. width for the 2023 field.

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