Retroreflector Test

We were quite excited with the results, the camera is a huge key to Logomotion this year.

Was this picture taken with or without flash from the camera?

With a decently bright flash (they call the BlackBerry Torch a Torch for a reason).

Could you upload one without the camera flash?

Uploaded without camera flash, and another with flashlight.

Cool, thanks.

Don’t suppose you could get a picture from the Axis Camera looking at it? :smiley:

I wish, it’s at our school; will get picture ASAP.

Hah, story of our life, right?

Thanks though!

Thank GOD… They are really pushing autonomy this year, Laptops legal, making everything noticeable to the robot, the tape on the ground and a pretty simple game overall.

Thank you GDC

Any idea of simple mechanism for robot during autonomous …

i’m kinda lost ! How am i suppose to use this … lol

I first suggest tracking where the rack is. Than follow the tape to the right rack and then rack.

Does it reflect in multiple directions? As in, if your camera is mounted near ground level (with or without supplemental lighting device, like a flashlight), and the tape is as high as the top row, will the camera be able to detect it?

Yes. That’s kind of the point of being retroreflective. It sends light back in the same direction it came from.

Very cool! I’m kinda uneasy about using the tape strips for autonomous, these don’t seem to be a problem at all :stuck_out_tongue:

How prone are these to being scratched/damaged/anything that would reduce reflectivity? I can only imagine how much damage our robots could do

On another semi-related note, does anyone with the field drawings know if either of the 2 tape strips on the pole itself are obstructed by a tube being on there?