return line commands in PHP

I could use some help. I am using the mail() function to send an email in a “helpdesk” like program. I have the person’s name and email address attach to the message, however I want to put a few blank lines in between. I used the
, \r, and commands in between them, but they don’t do anything.

Another thing I need help with is that the mail function allows you to put other headers in. Do I need to enter anything in those?

If it was an HTML e-mail you could just toss in a couple <br>'s…

No, it’s not necessary to add any other headers to mail(). There are some you may want, such as the From, Reply-To, Content-Type, MIME-Version, To, CC, BCC. It should work just fine with none, though. Using
in the body should also work unless you’ve specified a different Content-Type (like HTML, which doesn’t care about new-lines). If you’re checking it on a Windows client, you may need to use
, but I’m not positive.

99% sure on this… if you use single quotes ‘text
test’… the new line doesn’t happen. you need to use double quotes “text
test” instead.


You do not need to put any other headers in it for many webhosts… It really depends on what the webhost has it set as…
Usually webhosts require you to put the From: header… but that is not always the case.

I believe the standard requires
between header lines. At least that’s what I use for my PHP mails and it works great…

We’ve all guessed… but did it work?

I feel like I’m reading a mystery novel but can’t find the last chapter.

I put it in single quotes. Sorry it took so long to answer. I always use single quotes unless I use nested quotes. Thanks.