Return of Long Zip ties from Power Up in 2022?

Will we see a return to zip ties as in Power Up? for Launch Pad “protected” shots?

G207 Let them shoot. A ROBOT may not contact (either directly or transitively through CARGO and
regardless of who initiates contact) an opponent ROBOT whose BUMPERS are contacting their

Since the protection is by bumper contact specifically, zip ties don’t work like that.

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Was this a strategy in Power Up? I can’t remember what you could contact to be ‘protected’, aside from having your bumpers in the null zone.

Yes. If I remember it correctly, this was definitely a thing.


It was about “launching” the power cubes. Some part of the robot had to break the plane of the switch in order to launch the cube. If you extended a zip tie across the plane, you could launch from a bit further back and reduce your cycle times.

Won’t be helpful this year as @Amicus1 said because the contact must be made by your bumper with the launchpad in order to be protected.


Thanks @Amicus1

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