Returning as a mentor….after a 10 year break

AndyMark definitely lists a field perimeter – not cheap – but would love to have one. Seems like only affordable to those with deep pockets or combines. The space to have it setup is also hard to find.

FRC is expensive. For perspective, there was a bond issue for $10,000,000 that was on the ballots for a local election to fund the STEM Center in the west end of Houston. I don’t know what the square footage is but in addition to the field, it has shops for 8 teams, two classrooms and a large shared machine shop. The equipment supplied to each shop probably equals what was spent to buy the field. The anual cost of staffing the STEM Center certainly exceeds the cost of the field.

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How many fields can one acquire in exchange for a John Deere T670?

The process is the same as it was 10 years ago, but at least construction techniques have changed in that time.

Ten years ago I would have wanted a mini-lathe and a hex broach. Now we 3D print spacers and hubs between meetings and I haven’t turned the lathe on in 4 years.

Ten years ago we spent more time designing gear boxes, now it’s planetary into a final reduction 95% of the time.


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