Reusing Bumpers. Legal?

One of our mentors wanted me to post this, so here it goes…

Is re-using bumpers from previous years allowed? I don’t think it is, just wanted some clarification. Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you read the robot section of the game manual? Specifically R13?

Read R13, and post why you think you can or cannot reuse bumpers. Then ask for thoughts on your interpretation.

Let’s be fair here guys. R13 says BUMPERS could be FABRICATED before kickoff, but it doesn’t clearly say whether they can or cannot be used from previous ROBOTS.

The blue box has at least one typo in it (referencing C vs D) so maybe it was supposed to specifically include the BUMPERS but didn’t when they cut and pasted from 2015?

Interesting. The blue box in R13 was updated to add R13-B as an exception. However, the change was not mentioned in the team update.

I haven’t re-loaded the rules, but I have read each team update. My understanding was a definite yes based on R13. That said, it was not even on our radar because we have developed a distinctive frame perimeter dimension each year, making old bumpers unusable. Also, as we’re planning an offensive rather than defensive robot this year, we’re going to use AM’s new slick cloth. We will probably not go so far as to use solid pool noodles, however.

This is interesting, and exact reason I’ve never thought of reusing bumpers. The frame changes every year for us, so it’s been off our radar as well.

If you acquire enough bumpers, you could reuse them in the form of a bumper chair.

We’re planning for the future this year - we’re getting high quality reversible bumpers made for the corners that we can reuse in future years. Yes, robot designs will be different, but almost every robot is a rectangle, so we hope to just need to cover the 4 corners with 8" every time. Our attachments will differ each year, so we’ll need to take apart and reassemble, but if we’re careful we can reuse the fabric and noodles, just replacing the plywood and mounts.