Reusing Lock Nuts

Has anyone successfully reused nylock nuts and tested them in battle? When you unscrew and reuse, they appear to be tight the second time around, but I’d hate to see them disintegrate on the field. While the relative economics of entering a bot in the competition might say “throw them away”, I’ve always had an aversion to needless waste.

The team has finally consented to disassemble last year’s bot & summer projects, in preparation for THE GAME (lose!).

Idk but from what I’ve learned about locknuts they can really only be used one time. Yeah they screw in tight the second or third time around but the more you re-use them the more the thread eats away at the nylon washer making it a bit easier for it to be unscrewed on it own. Personally its not useless waste. The reason for the lock nut / or even using locktite is so that you use it on something YOU DO NOT intend on taking apart (at least often anyway). We use them at my job to hold a touchscreen in place on vending equip. The purpose is so that if the train goes by it doesn’t rattle the touchscreen loose to the point where it can fall and break. But everyonce and awhile we need to replace the touchscreen and half to undo the lock nuts to get the module off and those same lock nuts usually don’t have the same tightness to them once un-done. But since there are so many holding it in place we don’t usually worry about one failing.